Commitment to providing optimal service and achieving the best outcome for the client is paramount to Shanna Quinn.

“Shanna is an excellent mediator who is able to approach problems with imagination and good humour. Clients are astounded by her energy and her willingness to make the additional effort to bring about a win win result.”
— Sharon Ser • Partner • Withers, Hong Kong

“I have known Shanna for 25 years as a mediator and mediation educator. She has always been at the cutting edge of mediation practice. Shanna helped pioneer mediation in Hong Kong in both commercial and family mediation. She is highly regarded there and in Australia.”
— Professor Pat Cavanagh • ADR Consultant & Lecturer • Law School, University of Queensland


“I have known Shanna as a joint teacher at many courses in Australia and Hong Kong and as a colleague in the mediation movement. Shanna is a unique individual. She is an excellent teacher, with high energy, a good sense of humour and a vast knowledge of theory coupled with many illustrations from her extensive clinical practice. Shanna is an excellent communicator and is sensitive to diverse needs (emotional, cross-cultural and educational). Shanna has an outstanding reputation in the Family Court and amongst specialists in the legal profession as an expert witness, child’s representative and mediator.”
— Professor John Wade • Mediator Director • Dispute Resolution Centre, Bond University

“Shanna has provided mediation services to my family law practice since 2000. She is widely known for her commitment to helping the most conflicted parties resolve disputes. She possesses a strong determination to persevere in trying to find solutions which both parties can buy into. Shanna’s multi-disciplinary background as a barrister, arbitrator and forensic expert in parenting matters gives her a unique ability to bring a comprehensive perspective to the resolution of complex and sensitive disputes. ”
— Linda Heathfield • Partner • Howse Williams • Hong Kong