Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation is a unique type of mediation which uses a co-operative approach to resolve conflict amongst family members in order to manage difficult situations and/or to make important family-related decisions concerning an elder person.

The focus of Elder Mediation is to provide a process which protects the safety, interests and rights of elder people. It is a private and flexible process aimed to resolve disputes whilst preserving emotional relationships amongst those concerned with planning for current as well as the future needs of the elder person. 


  • Misuse of power:

    • Financial

    • Assets

  • Safety and Driving 

  • Present Living Arrangements

  • Aged Care:

    • Decision Making

    • Preparation

    • Transition

    • During 

  • Inter-generational Conflicts and Family Dynamics

  • Family Business Conflicts Including Succession

  • Immediate Family Members and/or Extended Family

  • Legal Issues:

    • Estate

    • Inheritance

    • Living Will

    • Enduring Powers