Helping you navigate sensitive
& complex 
family law matters


Shanna Quinn specialises in relationship law, working with people involved in legal proceedings and disputes in the areas of family law, testamentary disputes, elder law, child protection and domestic violence.

Shanna has over thirty years experience working across Australia and Hong Kong. Her multidisciplinary background and extensive experience provides her with a unique set of skills and perspective allowing her to assist clients navigate their way through the stress and complexities of litigation and dispute resolution.

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“Shanna is an excellent mediator who is able to approach problems with imagination and good humour. Clients are astounded by her energy and her willingness to make the additional effort to bring about a win win result.”


Trial Advocacy-shanna-quinn-brisbane-hon

Trial Advocacy

Shanna was called to the Private Bar in 2011 and specialises in a range of family law matters including parenting, spousal maintenance, asset division and international relocation as well as domestic violence and child protection. She accepts legal aid briefs.


Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a form of dispute resolution and child development education which is child-centred and focused on helping separated and separating parents implement parenting orders or parenting plans. It is reportable and non-confidential.



Shanna has been practicing as a mediator since 1990 and has provided mediation and training in Australia and Asia, across diverse cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds. Her background as a forensic social worker makes her particularly equipped to deal with sensitive and complex child-related matters.


ADR Training

Over her career, Shanna has provided Alternative Dispute Resolution training throughout Australia and Asia, with an established association with a number of tertiary institutions and private organisations.


Litigation Support

Being crossed examined or attending interviews for a court ordered family assessment is intimidating and unknown territory for most people. Shanna’s experience as a former family report writer, expert witness and barrister make her uniquely placed to help you understand the process and know what to expect.


Schedule of Fees

Shanna Quinn provides mediation services in Australia and Hong Kong. To request a Schedule of Fees for Mediation, please get in contact for more information.